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With many years of experience in Indian Cuisine and Nepalese Cuisine. The Curry Pot guarantees to tickle your taste buds and fill your stomach with flavor. Our Chef Bhojraj has experience of over 35 Years In the business, with running many restaurants in BC and Owning a couple, he has combined all his heart and experience into The Curry Pot to provide you with the best.


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Chicken Specialties
Lamb Specialties
Seafood Specialties
Biryani & Rice Specialties
Tandoori Dishes
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Vegetarian Specialties
Nepaleses Dishes
Side Dishes

Veg Samosa   $4.99
two savoury triangular pastries filled with spiced potatoes & peas
served with tamarind chutney
Chicken Samosa   $6.99
savory pastries with chicken filling & blend of spices.  
Papadom   $2.00
Seasoned flatbread made from dry dough of black gram bean flour & yellow lentils.  
Veg Pokora   $6.00
Deep fried mix vegetables fritters.  
Chicken Pokora   $9.99
Ch breast coasted in chickpea batter & deep fried  
Onion Bhaji   $5.99
Onion coated in chickpea batter & deep fried.  
Fish Pakora   $11.99
Traditional fried fish coated in chickpea our, rice our, rice our &
Paneer Pakora   $10.99
Made by batter frying Indian cottage cheese (paneer).  
Curry Mussels   $12.99
Mussels cooked in creamy butter sauce.  

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Tikka Masala   $14.99
Boneless pieces of chicken breast barbequed & simmered in a thick gravy
with onions fresh tomatoes & herbs finished with fresh ginger and
Butter Chicken   $14.99
Boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger & garlic cooked in a special
butter tomato sauce.
Kadai Chicken   $14.99
Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked with green chillies, tomatoes,
green peppers, onion & ginger tempered with coriander seeds.
Curry Chicken   $14.99
Boneless chicken breast pieces cooked in onion tomato sauce with ground
Chilli Chicken   $14.99
Chicken breast cooked with bell peppers onions & exotic Indian spices.  
Chicken Vindaloo   $14.99
Boneless pieces of chicken breast cooked in a tangy sauce with potatoes
vinegar a specialty of goa.
Coconut Chicken   $14.99
Boneless chicken breast cooked in a coconut cream & royal spices.  
Chicken Sahi Korma   $14.99
Boneless pieces of chicken breast delicately cooked in a seasoned cream
sauce with onions and ground cashew nuts.
Mango Chicken   $14.99
Cooked in mango sauce and herbs with mild spice  
Chicken Shag   $14.99
Boneless chicken breast cooked with blanched spinich and indian spices
in an onion and tomato sauce
Chicken Madras   $15.50
Spicy curry thick sauce got slightly tange notes to it.  
Chicken Lababdar   $15.50
Chicken breast cooked in rich and creamy and exotic spices.  
Chicken Jhal Fraize   $14.99
Chicken cooked with green peppers, cilantro & herbs.  

Lamb Specialties

Lamb Curry   $15.99
lamb curry in a onion & tomato sauce authentic spices.  
Lamb Vindaloo   $15.99
Boneless lamb simmered in atangy curry sauce with potatoes & rare spices
. our famous, fiery goa specialty.
Lamb Korma   $15.99
Boneless lamb cooked delicately in a seasoned sauce made with cashews,
tomatoes & cream.
Lamb Sag   $15.99
Boneless lamb cooked with blanched spinach and indian spices in an onion
and tomatio sauce.
Lamb Jhal fraize   $15.99
Lamb cooked with green peppers cilantro & herbs.  
Lamb butter masala   $15.99
Boneless lamb marinated in ginger and garlic cooked in a special butter
tomato sauce.
Lamb Lababdar   $15.99
Boneless lamb cooked in rich creamy and exotic spices.  
Lamb Rogan Josh   $17.00
Boneless lamb cooked in onion, ginger & garlic, a signature recipe of Kashmiri cuisine.  

Seafood Specialties

Prawn Masala   $15.99
Prawn cooked with fresh tomato, onion in a mildly spiced gravy.  
Coconut Prawn   $15.99
Prawn cooked with royal spices in coconut cream sauce.  
Prawn Korma   $15.99
Prawns delicately cooked in a sauce seasoned with onions cashew cream.  
Prawn Curry   $15.99
Prawn delicately cooked in an onion & tomato sauce with groud spices.  
Fish Curry   $13.99
Basa cooked with potatoes in a tangy sauce with vinegar.  
Chilli Prawn   $14.99
Prawn cooked with fresh tomatoes green & red bell peppers on chilli sauce.  
Prawn Jhal Fraize   $15.99
Prawn cooked with green peppers, cilantro and herbs.  

Biryani & Rice Specialties

Basmati rice traditionally cooked on a low heat with a mix of exotic
spices, onions, fresh mint & your choice of vegetables meat, or seafood
Veg Biryani   $12.95
Prawn Biryani   $15.99
Lamb Biryani   $14.99
Chicken Biryani   $13.99
Goat Biryani   $15.99

Tandoori Dishes

Trandori Chicken   $14.99
Chicken marinated with exotic Indian spices.  
Fish Tikka   $15.99
basa fish marinated with ginger, garlic & exotic Indian spices.  
Tandoori Prawns   $15.00
Tandoori prawn marinated with exotic Indian spices.  
Tandoori Mix Grill   $25.00
Mixture of chicken tikka, chicken sheek kabab, prawn & basa fish (served with chutney).  
Chicken Sheekh Kabab   $16.00
Chicken keema melting in your mouth, the specialty of a good & perfect chicken sheekh kabab is its tender juicy & flaky texture. Roasted on our tandoori oven.  
Chicken Tikka   $15.99
Chicken breast marinated in homemade spices and grilled in the tandoor  
Malai Tikka   $15.99
Chicken breast marinated with yogurt and exotic spices grilled in the tandoor  
Paneer Tikka   $13.99
Cottage cheese, green peppers and onions marinated in exotic spices then roasted in tandoor  

Tandoori Breads

Plain Naan   $2.99
Garlic Naan   $3.99
Chilli Garlic Naan   $4.50
Onion Kulcha   $5.50
Lacca Paratha   $4.00

Vegetarian Specialties

Vegtables Manchurian   Dry – $13.99

Gravy – $11.99

grated cabbage, carrots, formed into dumplings and dunked into a sauce
that explodes with hot, sweet. Sour, and salty.
Daal Makhni   $12.00
lentils cooked garlic onions authentic spices, tempered with butter.  
Daal fry   $12.00
Homestyle yellow daal fry with ghee.  
Veg korma   $13.50
Mixed vegetable’s cooked in a seasoned, creamy sauce with onion &
Aloo gobi   $13.50
Fresh cauliflower & potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices.  
Chana Masala   $12.00
Chickpeas cooked with tomatoes ginger, onion, & garnished with fresh
Palak Paneer   $13.50
Spinach cooked in tomato sauce, cream, butter, onions, ginger.  
Baingan Bharta   $13.50
Mashed eggplant cooked with onion & spices.  
Muttar Paneer   $12.99
Green peas, & cottage cheese cooked in onions sauce, masala, tomato,
garlic ginger & blend of spices.
Mixed Vegetables Curry   $12.99
Seasonal fresh vegetable’s cooked with exotic spices.  
Bhindi Masala   $13.50
masala okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and tangy spices.  
Mixed Vegetables   $12.99
Seasonal fresh vegetables cooked with exotic spices.  
Chilli Paneer   $13.50
Cottage cheese prepared in a basil gravy made from fresh tomatoes & onion.  
Vegetable Balti   $14.00
Butter sauce cooked fresh garden vegetable broccoli, green been, cauliflower, carrot & onion.  
Paneer Makhni   $13.99
Indian Cheese simmered in a tomato & butter gravy, topped with cream.  
Malai Kofta   $13.99
Grated Indian cheese dumplings cooked in a creamy butter sauce.  

Nepaleses Dishes

Chicken Chowmein   $12.99
A seasoned stew of shredded or diced meat, mushrooms, and vegetables
served with fried noodles.
Steamed MoMo (Vegetable or Chicken)   $12.00
Steamed dumpling served with your meat and vegetable.  
Khasi ko Masu   $16.00
Boneless tender piece of mutton cooked in an authentic nepali style
curry & chopped spring onions.
Fried Veg MoMo   $14.99
Deep fried veg dumplings made in chilli sauce.  
Vegetable Chowmein   $11.99
Stir fried vegetables served with fried noodles.  

Side Dishes

Saffron Rice $3.99
Basamati rice cooked with fried onions & saffron
Raita $2.99
Made by yogurt diced with cucumber, and seasonings.
Pea Pulau $4.99
Basmati rice tempered with fried onions & green peas.
Butter Chicken Poutine $9.99


Gulab Jamun $3.99
Deep fried milk solids, served in a warm sugar syrup.
Ras Malai $3.99
Ras malai or rossomalai or rasamalei is a dessert originating from the
Indian subcontinent.
Ice Cream $3.50
Vanilla, Chocolate.


Masala Chai   $3.00
Coffee   $2.00
Sweet Lassi   $3.50
Salted Lassi   $3.50
Mango Lassi   $5.00
Soda   $2.00
Ice Tea, Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice   $3.00
Apple Juice   $3.00


Garden Salad   $6.00
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & lemon vinaigrette dressing.  
Indian Salad   $6.00
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots & sprinkled with chat masala.  


Curry Pot Special Dinner For 2 (Small Portion)   $45.00
Daal makhni, lamb curry, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, raita, garden salad, rice, dessert.  
Curry Pot Special Dinner For 4   $75.00
4 veggie samosas, butter chicken, chana masala, lamb curry, 2 rice, 4 naan and dessert  
Curry Pot Special Dinner For 6   $90.00
6 veggie samosas, butter chicken, lamb curry, chilli paneer, veggie sahi korma, 3 rice, 6 naan and dessert  

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Are you in the mood for the mouth-watering Indian cuisine? Do you live in or near St Catharines? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We at The Curry Pot pride ourselves on being one of the top Indian Restaurants in St Catharines. Our dishes stand out because they are made by the professional cooks and besides, we always use fresh ingredients.....

Full of many fresh ingredients and traditional Indian flavors, we guarantee our dishes will leave you stunned. Whether you prefer Spicy Indian Food St Catharines or other types of dishes, we have all for you to meet your cravings. You can visit us for trying our Indian Food St Catharines for breakfast, lunch or dinner being sure you will find the Indian food you really want. At The Curry Pot, our team aims to deliver never before seen experience for you. We have an excellent Indian Aroma Menu Ontario, so if you have not yet experienced the taste of their delicious Indian food, hurry up to explore the menu of our Authentic Indian Cuisine St. Catharines. Here we guarantee you will have an authentic Indian dining experience.

Choose us for having a great dining experience or simply visit us in the morning and enjoy your beautiful breakfast. We are a very cozy Indian Breakfast Restaurant Ontario and here you will enjoy each of your bites. Our chef is Bhoj Raj Kafle who has many years of experience in this industry. He guarantees to take your dining experience to the next level. We are a friendly team of highly dedicated staff members and culinary lovers who have a goal to serve you and your family in the most unique way. So anytime looking for Food Restaurants Near Me, count on us and we can deliver unmatched services so that you will leave the restaurant with positive vibes.

Being one of the top Indian Food Restaurants Ontario, The Curry Pot makes sure you won’t regret choosing us. Once you come to our Indian Restaurant near Ontario, you will always have a desire to come back for more dishes. Using only pure ingredients, Chef Bhoj guarantees you will have no reason to feel worried about. At this restaurant you will also get advantage of our Indian Takeaway Food St. Catharines. We offer Indian takeaway food for all of our amazing dishes in order to make it easy for you to grab a bite to eat anytime you feel tasting something. So that is why this is considered to be a top Indian Take Out Restaurant Ontario, having a myriad of fresh dishes available for you anytime.

Our menu at The Curry Pot is unique and it consists of authentic Indian cuisine that ranges from Veg Samosa, Chicken Samosa, Beef Samosa, Veg Pokora, to Onion Bhaji, Paneer Pakora Fish Pakora. So when it comes to finding a unique Indian Cuisine Restaurant St. Catharines that serves fresh dishes made with natural ingredients, The Curry Pot is the place to go. We are always happy to serve you in our Veg Indian Restaurant Ontario. So book a table today or come for taking your food with you!
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